High Sensitivity Current Input Interface




  • Ideal DC gain when Rg=20K: 4.56GΩ

  • One resister(Rg) to set the gain

  • Supply voltage range: 2.1-5.5V

  • Iq: 700µA maximum

  • Analog output

  • Internal amplifier:

    * VOS: ±400µV maximum

    * Low noise: 25 nV/√

    * GBWP: 1.3MHz

    * Input Bias Current: 1pA typical

  • ESD rating: HBM 8KV / CDM 2KV

  • Operation temperature range: –40°C to 125°C

  • Green, Popular Type Package 


  • Dust sensor for air quality monitoring (PM2.5, PM10)

  • Photodiode interface

  • Sensor interface for current output sensor 



TPA8801B is a high sensitivity current input interface, which can covert the pA to nA range current signal to 5V range output. TPA8801B use one resister to set the transduce gain, can provide ideal 4.56GΩ current to voltage DC gain when the resister is 20KΩ. As the output is saturated in the real application by offset voltage of internal amplifier, AC coupled mode is used to remove DC offset voltage and bias current impaction, so the real AC gain in the application is less than ideal DC gain depend on the capacitor values.

The internal precision amplifier has 1pA input bias current is good to transduce down to 100pA signal, 0.4mV offset voltage to expand the input range for DC signal, 1.3MHz GBW to meet the requirement of  AC signal which is used in some type of dust sensor application. TPA8801B is specified for operation over the -40°C to 125°C range. TPA8801B is available in 5mm*6mm 14-lead TSSOP package. TPA8801B possibly in 3mm*2mm 14-lead DFN package, 1/5 size versus TSSOP-14 package, to meet the size limitation application, the sample can be provided in one month.


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【Technical Document】TPA8801B在PM2.5传感器中的应用 PM2.5 2017-12-29 EETC


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