Who We Are

3PEAK INC. is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on high speed, ultra precision, low power, low noise analog IC products and systems. Funded by venture capital firms from Si Valley and China, our products cover industrial applications, medical equipment, automotive electronics, communication system, information security and many other application fields.

Vision:Become a Respected Forerunner of Chinese Analog IC Industry,Become an Influencer of Global Semiconductor Industry

Mission:To Facilitate Global Smart Manufacturing, 3PEAK Provides Innovative、Reliable and Competitive IC Products and Services, Hand and Hand with Customers to Realize Dreams



3PEAK’s key value proposition to customers is based on its rigorous design methodology throughout the product’s life cycle, and its commitment to continuous innovation in circuit and system topology. The core tech-nology team accumulated decades of experience and expertise working in first tier analog companies in US. Since its incep-tion, 3PEAK has accumulated dozens of issued patents and all 3PEAK products are protected by its circuit and system IP.


3PEAK’s products are manufactured by world leading analog foundries in US, Israel and Japan.  The rigorous design methodology covers the entire products life span from product definition to production quality assurance and continuous improvement.  Design For Manufacturability, Design For Test and Design For Reliability are all inte-gral part of 3PEAK’s design flow.



3PEAK implements rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance system to the highest standards to ensure each product is fully characterized and qualified.  We conduct comprehensive reliability and performance tests in our internal laboratory and 3rd party independent labs to certify our products. Reliability tests include HTOL, HAST,TCT, ESD, Latch-up, and all other industry standard mandated tests.


3PEAK utilizes Tower-Jazz manufacturing facilities in US, Israel and Japan as our wafer foundry.   Since 2012 3PEAK and Tower-Jazz has formed strategic alliance to better serve our customers. Our production cycle time, product quality, foundry process support have been among the industry best. 3PEAK also utilizes top ranked assembly, pack-age and test supplier such as JCET to ensure stable supply of our products.

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