12V General Purpose Analog Switch




  • Analog Switch Voltage: 3.3V, 5 V , 10V, ±5V

  • Low ON State Resistance :

      typical 50 Ω at Vs=±4.5 V or 9V

      typical 60 Ω at Vs=4.5 V

      typical 300 Ω at Vs=3 V

  • Bandwidth: 2 00 MHz

  • Fast switching times: tON= 60 ns, tOFF= 50 ns

  • Break Before Make Switching

  • Operation Temperature Range: - 40°C to 125°C


  • Industry control systems

  • Battery powered systems

  • Audio Signal Routing

  • Instrumentation


The TPW4051 is a single pole octal throw analog switch (SP8T) suitable for use in analog or digital 8:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer applications. The switch features three digital select inputs (S0, S1 and S2), eight independent inputs/outputs (An), a common input/output (A ) and a digital enable input (/E). When /E is HIGH, the switches are turned off. The device is designed on an enhanced process that provides lower power dissipation yet gives high switching speeds. These devices can operate equally well as either multiplex ers or de multiplexers and have an input range that extends to the supplies. All channels exhibit break before make switching action, preventing momentary shorting when switching channels.

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