36V, 3.5MHz, 15V/μs Op Amps




  • Supply Voltage: 3V to 36V

  • Low Supply Current: 700μA per channel

  • Rail to Rail Output

  • Bandwidth: 3.5 MHz

  • Slew Rate: 15V/μs

  • Differential Input Voltage Range to Supply Rail

  • Excellent EMI Suppress Performance

  • Offset Voltage: ±2mV Maximum

  • Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 2 μV/°C

  • Low Noise: 30 nV/√Hz at 1kHz

  • –40°C to 125°C Operation Temperature Range


  • Sensor Interface

  • Motor Control
  • Industrial Control

  • Audio


The TP226X series amplifiers are newest high supply voltage amplifiers with low offset, low power and stable high frequency response. They incorporate 3PEAK’s proprietary and patented design techniques to achieve very good AC performance with 3.5MHz bandwidth, 15V/μs slew rate and low distortion while drawing only 700μA of quiescent current per amplifier. The input common-mode voltage range extends to V–, and the outputs swing rail-to-rail. The TP226X family can be used as plug-in replacements for many commercially available op-amps to reduce power and improve input/output range and performance. The combination of features makes the TP226X ideal choices for industrial control, motor control and portable audio amplification, sound ports, and other consumer audio.

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