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  • audio line drier TPF632A_TPF605A_TPF607A are formally released!

    ■ 3-VRMS Outputinto 2.5kΩ Load with 5V Supply

    ■ 2-VRMS Outputinto 2.5kΩ Load with 3.3V Supply

    ■ Integrated Charge Pump GeneratesNegative Supply Rail

    ■ SNR Enhanced

    ■ PVDD Power Off Delay Function

    ■ Low THD+N: 0.001%

    ■ Drives 600Ω Load

    ■ Stable with 220pF Capacitive Load

    ■ Pop-Free Under-Voltage Protection(TPF632A/605A)

    ■ Pop-Free Enable Control

    ■ –40°C to 85°C Operation Range


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