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TP321 - General Purpose, 1MHz, Micro-Power CMOS Op-Amps


 General Purpose, Low Cost 

 Gain Bandwidth Product: 1MHz 

 Low Quiescent Current: 45μA/Amplifier 

 Offset Voltage: 5.0mV Maximum 

 Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 2uV/°C 

 Input Bias Current: 10pA 

 CMRR/PSRR: 90dB 

 Unity Gain Stable 

 Rail-to-Rail Input and Output 

 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs 

 Supply Voltage Range: 2.1V to 6.0V 

 Operation Range: –40°C to 125°C 

 ESD Rating: 8kV – HBM, 2kV – CDM and 500V – MM 

 Popular Type Package 

Typical Application

Low-Cost Popular Package-Types for General Pupose


The TP321 is general purpose single CMOS op-amps with low offset, high frequency response, low power, low supply voltage, and rail-to-rail inputs and outputs. It incorporates 3PEAK’s proprietary and patented design techniques to achieve best in-class performance with low cost among all micro-power CMOS amplifiers. 

The TP321 is unity gain stable with a constant 1MHz gain-bandwidth product, 1V/μs slew rate while consuming only 45μA of supply current per amplifier. The rail-to-rail input and output characteristics allow the full power-supply voltage to be used for signal range. 

This combination of features makes the TP321 superior and cost-effective among RRIO CMOS op-amps. The TP321 is ideal choices for battery-powered applications because it minimizes errors due to power supply voltage variations over the lifetime of the battery and maintain high CMRR even for a rail-to-rail input op-amp. 

The TP321 can be used as cost-effective plug-in replacements for many commercially available op amps to reduce power and improve input/output range and performance.


 Audio Output 

 Battery and Power Supply Control 

 Smoke/Gas/Environment Sensors 

 Medical Equipment 

 Portable Instruments and Mobile Device 

 Active Filters 

 Piezo Electrical Transducer Amplifier 

 Sensor Interface 

 ASIC Input or Output Amplifier

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