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TP2191N - Small Size, Precision, 1.8V, 700nA Nanopower, RRIO Op-amps with Shut-down


 900 nA Maximum Supply Current 

 Ultra-low Single-Supply Operation Down to +1.8V 

 Ground-Sensing Input Common-Mode Range 

 Outputs Swing Rail-to-Rail 

 Offset Voltage: 0.6 mV Maximum 

 Ultra-low VOS TC: 0.4 μV/°C 

 Ultra-low Input Bias Current: 1 fA Typical 

 Stable 18 kHz GBWP with 10 mV/μs Slew Rate 

 High 120 dB Open-Loop Voltage Gain 

 Unity Gain Stable 

 Outputs Source and Sink 20mA of Load Current 

 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs 

 –40°C to 125°C Operation Range 

 Robust 8kV – HBM and 2kV – CDM ESD Rating 

 Green, SC70/SOT23 Small Size Package 

Typical Application

The TP2191 in Low Side Battery Current Sensor 


The TP2191(N) is a precision, ultra-low power CMOS op-amp featuring a maximum supply current of 900 nA with an ultra-low typical input bias current of 1 fA. Analog trim and calibration routine reduce input offset voltage to below 600 μV, and the precision temperature compensation technique makes offset voltage temperature drift at 0.4 μV/°C, which allowing use of the TP2191(N) in systems with high gain without creating excessively large output offset errors. 

The TP2191(N) is unity gain stable with a constant 18 kHz GBWP, 10 mV/μs slew rate, which make them appropriate for low frequency applications, such as battery current monitoring and sensor conditioning. The TP2191(N) can operate from a single-supply voltage of +1.8V to +6.0V or a dual-supply voltage of ±0.9V to ±3.0V. Beyond the rails input makes it very prominent in low voltage (< 3V) rail-to-rail input applications. 

The combined features make the TP2191(N) an ideal choice for battery-powered applications because it minimize errors due to power supply voltage variations over the lifetime of the battery and maintain high CMRR even for a rail-to-rail input op-amp. Mobile accessories, wireless remote sensing, backup battery sensors, and single-Li+ or 2-cell NiCd/Alkaline battery powered systems can benefit from the features of the TP2191(N) op-amp. 


 Current Sensing 

 Threshold Detectors/Discriminators 

 Low Power Filters 

 Wireless Remote Sensors, Active RFID Readers 

 Environment/Gas/Oxygen Sensors 

 Handsets and Mobile Accessories 

 Battery or Solar Powered Devices 

 Sensor Network Powered by Energy Scavenging 

Application Notes
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