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High Precision DAC
High Speed DAC



1) 125 MSPS Update Rate

2) 8-Bit Resolution

3) Linearity: 1/4 LSB DNL

4) Linearity: 1/4 LSB INL

5) Differential Current Outputs

6) SINAD @ 5 MHz Output: 50 dB

7) Power Dissipation: 175 mW @ 5 V to 45 mW @ 3 V

8) Power-Down Mode: 20 mW @ 5 V

9) On-Chip 1.10 V Reference

10) Single +5 V or +3 V Supply Operation

11) Packages: 28-Lead TSSOP

12) Edge-Triggered Latches

13) Fast Settling: 35 ns Full-Scale Settling to 0.1%

Typical Application


The  3PD9708(E)  offers  exceptional  ac  and  dc performance while supporting update rates up to 125 MSPS.  The  3PD9708(E)’s  flexible  single-supply operating range of +2.7 V to +5.5 V and low power dissipation are well suited for portable and low power applications. Its power dissipation can be further reduced to 45 mW, without a significant degradation in performance, by lowering the full-scale current output. In addition, a power-down mode reduces the standby power dissipation to approximately 20 mW.

The 3PD9708(E) is manufactured on an advanced CMOS process. A segmented current source architecture is combined with a proprietary switching technique to reduce spurious components and enhance dynamic performance. Edge-triggered input latches and a temperature compensated bandgap reference have been integrated to provide a complete monolithic DAC solution. Flexible supply options support +3 V and +5 V CMOS logic families.

The 3PD9708(E) is a current-output DAC with a nominal full-scale output current of 20 mA and > 100 kΏ output impedance.

Differential current outputs are provided to support single-ended or differential applications. The current outputs may be directly tied to an output resistor to provide  two  complementary,  single-ended  voltage outputs. The output voltage compliance range is 1.25 V. The 3PD9708(E) contains a 1.1 V on-chip reference and reference control amplifier, which allows the full-scale output current to be simply set by a single resistor. The 3PD9708(E) can be driven by a variety of external reference voltages.

The 3PD9708(E)’s full-scale current can be adjusted over a 2 mA to 20 mA range without any degradation in dynamic performance. Thus, the 3PD9708(E) may operate at reduced power levels or be adjusted over a 20 dB range to provide additional gain ranging capabilities. The 3PD9708(E) is available in 28-lead TSSOP package. It is specified for operation over the industrial temperature range.


1) Communications

2) Signal Reconstruction

3) Instrumentation

4) Video re-construction

Application Notes
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