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TP2012 - Ultra-Low Power 200nA, 1.6V, RRIO, Push-Pull Output, Dual Comparators


 Ultra-Low Supply Current: 200 nA per channel 

 Fast Response Time: 13 μs Propagation Delay, with 100 mV Overdrive 

 Internal Hysteresis for Clean Switching 

 Offset Voltage: ± 2.0 mV Maximum 

 Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 0.3 μV/°C 

 Input Bias Current: 6 pA Typical 

 Input Common-Mode Range Extends 200 mV 

 Push-Pull Output with ±25 mA Drive Capability 

 Output Latch (TP2011N Only) 

 No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs 

 Low Supply Voltage: 1.6V to 5.5V 

Typical Application

Typical Application of TP2011/2/4 Comparators 


The TP2011/2/4 push-pull output comparators feature the world-class lowest nanopower (250nA maximum) and fast 13μs response time capability, allowing operation from 1.6V to 5.5V. Input common-mode range beyond supply rails makes the TP201x an ideal choice for power-sensitive, low-voltage (2-cell) applications.


The TP201x push-pull output supports rail-to-rail output swing and interfaces with TTL /CMOS logic, and are capable of driving heavy DC or capacitive loads. The internal input hysteresis eliminates output switching due to internal input noise voltage, reducing current draw. The output limits supply current surges and dynamic power consumption while switching. Beyond the rails input and rail-to-rail output characteristics allow the full power-supply voltage to be used for signal range. 

Micro-sized packages provide options for portable and space-restricted applications. The single (TP2011) is available in SC70-5, and the dual (TP2012) is available in SOT23-8. 

The related TP2015/6/8 family of comparators from 3PEAK has an open-drain output. Used with a pull-up resistor, these devices can be used as level-shifters for any desired voltage up to 10V and in wired-OR logic. 


 Battery Monitoring / Management 

 Alarm and Monitoring Circuits 

 Peak and Zero-crossing Detectors 

 Threshold Detectors/Discriminators 

 Sensing at Ground or Supply Line 

 Logic Level Shifting or Translation 

 Window Comparators 

 Oscillators and RC Timers 

 Mobile Communications and Notebooks 

 Ultra-Low-Power Systems 

Application Notes
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