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LM393 - 36V Dual Differential Comparator


 Wide Single-supply Voltage Range or Dual 

      Supplies: +2 V to +36 V or ±1.0 V to ±18 V 

 Very Low Supply Current (150 μA/ch) Independent of Supply Voltage(0.75 mW/comparator at +5 V) 

 Low Input Bias Current: 4 nA typ

 Low Offset Voltage: ± 3.0 mV Max 

 Offset Voltage Temperature Drift: 1 μV/°C 

 Input Common-mode Voltage Range Includes Ground 

 Internal Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to The Supply Voltage 

 TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS, CMOS compatible Outputs 

 ESD Clamps on the Inputs Increase the Ruggedness of the Device Without Affecting Performance 

 Low Output Saturation 

 –40°C to 125°C Operation Range 

 ESD Rating: Robust 2KV – HBM, 2KV – CDM 

 High Performance Drop-In Compatible With 339, 339, 2903, 2901 Series Product 

Typical Application


The devices in this series consist ofdual/quad independent single or dual supply voltage comparators on a singlemonolithic substrate. The common mode input voltage range includes ground evenwhen operated from a single supply, and the low power supply current drainmakes these comparators suitable for battery operation. These types weredesigned to directly interface with TTL and CMOS, Current drain is independent ofthe supply voltage. The outputs can be connected to other open-collectoroutputs to achieve wired-AND relationships.

The LM393 is dual channel version availablein 8-pin SOP package. The LM339 is quad channel version available in 14-pin SOPpackage. All devices are specified for the temperature range of –40°C to+125°C.


 High-speed Line or Digital Line Receivers

 High Speed Sampling Circuits

 Peak and Zero-crossing Detectors

 Threshold Detectors/Discriminators

 Sensing at Ground or Supply Line

Application Notes
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