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TPF147 - Selectable One HD/Full-HD Video Filter


 1 Full-HD 视频放大支持全高清视频 1080p60
 集成优化的6th-order Butterworth视频重构滤波器:
     HD通道: -3dB at 36MHz, 阻带抑制38dB (74.25MHz)
     FHD通道: -3dB at 72MHz, 阻带抑制39dB (148MHz)
 多样化的输入偏置电路:
     —  DC-耦合时提供80-mV电平移位
     —  AC-耦合时提供透明钳位及80-mV电平移位
     —  允许AC-耦合时带DC-偏置
 总静态电流低至 6mA/11.5mA(HD/FHD典型值)
 6dB 增益(2V/V),轨至轨输出
 允许交流或直流输出耦合,允许驱动 2 路视频线路或驱动 75Ω
 宽电压范围:+3.0V 至 +5.5V 单电源
 优化的高性能ESD保护及浪涌保护:
      —  Robust 8kV – HBM and 2kV – CDM ESD Rating
 绿色产品,SOT23-6 封装

Typical Application


TPF147 is a specially designed for consumerapplications, high-performance, low-cost video reconstruction filter, it combine excellent video performance and low power consumption perfectly. It incorporates one selectable full high-definition (FHD) and one high-definition (HD) filter channels. All filters feature sixth-order Butterworth characteristics that are usefulas digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filters or asanalog-to-digital converter (ADC) anti-aliasing filters. The FHD filters can be bypassed to support 1080p60 video and The HD filters can be by passed to support 720p60 or 1080i60 video. 

As part of the TP147 flexibility, the input can be configuredfor ac- or dc-coupled inputs. The 84-mV output level shift allows for a fullsync dynamic range at the output with 0-V input. The ac-coupled modes include atransparent sync-tip clamp option for composite video (CVI), Y', and G'B'R'signals. Accoupled biasing for C'/P'B/P'R channels can easily be achieved byadding an external resistor to VS+.

The TP147 rail-to-rail output stage with6-dB gain allows for both ac and dc line driving. The ability to drive twolines, or 75-Ω loads, allows for maximum flexibility as a video line driver. The 6/11.5-mA total quiescent current at 3.3 V makes it an excellent choice forpower-sensitive video applications.

TPF147 is available in SOT23-6 package(TPF147-TR). Its operation temperature range is from −40°C to +85°C.


 Video Signal Amplification

 Set-Top Box Video Driver

 PVRDVD Player Video Buffer

 Video Buffer for Portable or USB-Powered Video Devices


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