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TPF1341 - 36M HD Composite Video Filter Driver With Comparator


 Wide Power Supply: +3.0V to +5.5V Single Supply

 Robust ESDProtection:

      —  Robust 8kV – HBM and 2kV – CDM ESD Rating

 Green Product, SOP-8 Package


 1-HDTV Video Filter SupportComposite 1080p/60

 Optimized 6th-order Butterworth Video reconstruction filter:
      HD Channel: -3dB BW 36MHz

 Support Multiple Input Biasing:

      —  Provide 80-mV Level-Shift when DC-Coupled

 Very Low Quiescent Current: 11 mA(at 3.3V, Typical)

 6dB Gain(2V/V), Rail TORail Output

 AC- or DC-Coupled Output Driving Dual Video Loads (75Ω)


 Fast Response Time: 68 ns Propagation Delay

 Offset Voltage: ± 3.0 mV Maximum

 Internal Hysteresis Ensures Clean Switching

 Push-Pull, CMOS/TTL Compatible Output

Typical Application

The TPF1341 is a low power, 36M HD composite videofilter and comparatoron asingle chip. Drawing less than 9mA supply current over thefull operating temperature range, the TPF1341 operates from asingle 3.0V to 5.5V.

TPF1341 integrate high-performance low-cost 36MHzcomposite video reconstruction filter, it combine excellent video performanceand low power consumption perfectly. It incorporates one high-definition (HD)filter channel. The filter feature sixth-order Butterworth characteristics thatare useful as digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filters or asanalog-to-digital converter (ADC) anti-aliasing filters. The HD filters can bebypassed to support HDCVI 1080i/720p video.

The TPF1341’s on-board comparator incorporates 3PEAK’sproprietary and patented design techniques to achieve the ultimate combinationof high-speed (68ns propagation delay under 3.0~5.5V wide supply range) and lowpower consumption, The internal input hysteresis eliminates output switchingdue to internal input noise voltage, reducing current draw. The push-pulloutput supports rail-to-rail output swing, and interfaces with CMOS/TTL logic.

TPF1341 is available in SOP-8package (TPF1341-SR). Its operation temperature range is from −40°Cto +85°C.


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