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TPF113 - Ultra-low Power, 3-Channel SD Video Buffer with LPF


 3-SDTV Filter
 6th-order Butterworth Low-Pass Filter:9MHz -3dB Bandwidth, 57.2dB Attenuation(27MHz)
 Support Multiple Input Biasing:
      —  Provide 80-mV Level-Shift when DC-Coupled
      —  Transparent Input Clamping when AC-Coupled
      —  Support External DC Biasing when AC-Coupled
 Very Low Quiescent Current: 3.85mA/CH( Typical)

 Slew Rate: 38V/µs
 6dB Gain (2V/V) with Rail-to-Rail Output
 AC- or DC-Coupled Output Driving Dual Video Loads(75Ω)
 Wide Operation Range: +3.0V to +5.5V Single Supply
 Robust ESD Protection:
      —  HBM 8KV, CDM 2KV

 Lead-Free SOIC-8 Package Available

Typical Application


TPF113 is a 3-channel reconstruction video filter optimized for consumer video devices. With its exceptional video performance and very low power consumption, it is excellent choice for portable video applications. Integrated with 36th-order Butterworth filter, TPF113 can be used as a DAC reconstruction filter or ADC anti-aliasing filter. With its -3dBfrequency of 9MHz, it is an ideal choice for SD video applications including NTSC and PAL.

TPF113 accepts both AC- and DC-coupled inputs and itsflexible biasing options meet the requirement of the most demanding applications. The integrated Transparent Sync-tip Clamp circuit restores DC voltage level of an AC-coupledVideo signal. It translates the sync tip of a CVBS, Y', or RGB signal to a fixed 40mV. External biasing resistors can be used to restore signals without sync tip such as Pb' or Pr'. Integrated level shifter then raises the clamped video signal by 80mV, assuring passing through of video signal without being distorted. When the signal is DC-coupled, the level shifter will raise the signal by 80mV.

TPF113 may be used for different kinds of video buffering with 6dB gain(2V/V) and rail-to-rail output. It supports ACand DC-coupling at the output.

TPF113 is designed to have exceptional ESD rating. It is a great choice of protecting the main video processor chip from ESD or surge strikes in applications such as set-top-boxes. TPF113 operates from a single supply with wide voltage range from +3.0V to +5.5V. Its very low quiescent current of 3.85mA makes it an perfect choice for battery-power or USB-power applications.

TPF113 is available in SOIC-8 package. Its operation temperature range is from −40°C to +85°C.


 Video Signal Amplification
 Set-Top Box Video Driver
 PVR、 DVD Player Video Buffer
 Video Buffer for Portable or USB-Powered Video