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TPF607A - 3-Vrms Audio Line Drivers with Integrated Charge Pump


 SNR Enhanced
 PVDD Power Off Delay Function
 Low THD+N: 0.001%
 Drives 600Ω Load
 Stable with 220pF Capacitive Load
 Pop-Free Under-Voltage Protection (TPF632A/605A)
 Pop-Free Enable Control
 –40°C to 85°C Operation Range
 Robust 8kV (Output-Pin) HBM ESD Rating On All Pins
 Robust 2kV CDM ESD Rating
 Green, Popular Type Package

Typical Application

Typical Application Circuit of TPF607A


The 3PEAK TPF632A/605A/607A are 3-VRMS pop-free stereo line drivers with the integrated charge pump generating the negative supply rail which allows the removal of the output DC-blocking capacitors. The devices are capable of driving 3-VRMS into a 2.5-kΩ load with single 5V supply voltage. The TPF632A has differential inputs, the TPF605A/607A support single-ended inputs, and all can use external resistors for flexible gain setting.

The 3PEAK TPF632A/605A/607A has built-in enable/shutdown control for pop-free on/off control. The TPF632A/605A has an external under-voltage detector that mutes the output when monitored voltage drop below set value. Using the TPF632A/605A/607A in audio products can reduce component count considerably compared to traditional methods of generating a 3-VRMS output.

The device needs only a single 5V supply to generate 8.5-VPP output while traditional op-amp requires a split-rail power supply to achieve same. The device is ideal for single-supply electronics where size and cost are critical design parameters.


 Set-Top Box
Blue-ray and HD DVD Players