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TPL700F33-TR - 300mA, Low Iq, LDO with foldback current


 Low Dropout Voltage:

170mV at 200mA

230mV at 300mA

 Maximum Output Current: 300mA

 Input Voltage Range: 2.1V to 5.5V

 ±2% Accuracy Overall Operating Conditions

 Low Quiescent and Shutdown Current

 Foldback Current Limit and Overheat Protection

 Stable with Effective Capacitance of 1 μF

 Soft-start Limits Input Current Surge During Enable

 Available in Fixed-Output Voltages 1.8V/2.8V/3.0V/3.3V

 Temperature range: −40°C ~ +85°C

 Available in 3-mm × 3-mm SOT23-5 package and SC70-5 package

Typical Application


TPL700 series product is a high performance and low dropout linear regulator. Current output capability is 300mA.TPL700 series product support low quiescent current and high-PSRR, especially for high frequency. TPL700 series can be stable with output capacitance of 1μF to 10μF with ESR of up to 100mΩ.

The TPL700 series have a high PSRR at high frequency and PSRR can be about 70dB at 2M frequency point. This feature makes TPL700 series very suitable for power-sensitive applications with high noise from front stage power supply.When coupled with a no load quiescent current of 35μA (typical) and 0.1μA shutdown current, the TPL700 series is an ideal choice for portable or wireless equipment. Current-limit and thermal overload protection circuits prevent damage under these conditions. The TPL700 series also includes an internal pull-down resistor on the EN input.

The TPL700 series comes in many fixed voltage options with ±2% output voltage accuracy over temperature, line and load. Other output voltage options are available on request.

The TPL700 series is guaranteed over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The TPL700 series of LDOs are available in 3-mm*3-mm SOT23-5 package and SC70-5 package.


 POS 

 Handheld Devices Including Medical Handhelds

 U-Key

 Lower Cost Industrial and Instrumentation

 Battery Device

Application Notes
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